Individual Coaching


The Power of 1

Individual coaching is an intense engagement between coach and client that usually lasts between six to nine months. It's important to start with the self before we examine how we interact with the world.

We use an eclectic approach, with a bent toward the Enneagram to guide you toward a relationship with your whole self. After just a few sessions, you can expect to have a deeper understanding of how to control stress, sharpen your focus, and increase your performance.

Individual Coaching: Pricing

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Team Coaching


Teamwork or "work" the team

Teams do not work without the collective engagement of the individuals. Learn what you bring as your individual gifts to the system while leaving room for self.

3DeepCoaching is an integrative part of an athletic program or an executive team. For athletic teams, our work begins as a tuneup before the season, and will carry on through the season, as individual "burst" sessions, in addition to team effectiveness work.

Team Coaching: Pricing

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